About Us

What problems does ECS Debt Advisory solve?

  1. The middle market debt capital area is highly inefficient—as nearly all borrowers pay too much and have more restrictive deal terms than necessary.
    ECS takes care of this.

  2. A typical middle market company can not justify employing a full-time debt capital expert to chase down and craft optimal debt facilities that are available to them.
    ECS has the skill, time and means to take care of this.


For whom?


ECS caters to borrowers with "more challenging needs," whose debt won’t fit into underwriting requirements of the regulated banks. For many of our clients, regulated banks can often take care of a portion of our client’s debt load, but not all of the debt picture.




ECS was founded in 2014 by Pete Connoy to provide Debt Optimization Services for Middle Market Borrowers with debt capital financing needs that are more challenging and “don’t quite fit into major bank’s underwriting guidelines.”  After 20 years in debt capital finance, Pete established ECS to lead middle market borrowers through the arduous and often arcane financing process enabling borrowers to obtain superior results.

Pete has deep experience as both a lender and borrower of debt capital—closing transactions in the billions of dollars while serving in each capacity.  Pete excels at helping the entrepreneur/operator procure the most optimal results that the entire debt market will bear given he has been on “both sides of the table.”  ECS is experienced in all types of debt capital including asset-based lending, cash flow lending, acquisition/growth finance, infrastructure build-out, leveraged recapitalizations, buy-outs, mezzanine/junior debt or general refinancing to improve borrowing cost and covenant flexibility.




ECS is Highly Specialized - Singularly focused on Debt Capital Transactions


ECS is solely focused on debt transactions as opposed to the greater Investment Banking universe of M&A, Equity/IPOs, etc.


ECS is intimately experienced in the approval process of financial institutions


Over a distinguished commercial banking (Communications/Media leveraged lending) career where he ultimately was Senior Vice President and Team Leader at Union Bank—Pete is a former “insider” who comprehensively understands how financial institutions underwrite loans to companies such as yours.  Before becoming SVP, Pete held each position up the promotion ladder within the underwriting function (Credit Analyst, Banking Officer, AVP and VP).  As such, Pete is keenly aware of what each person at the financial institutions involved in the process does and what they are looking for in both a positive and negative sense.  In short, Pete is an expert at positioning a company to successfully obtain debt capital from financial institutions.


ECS has personally accomplished what you are trying to do—be an optimal debt borrower


From 2006-2012, Pete was VP of Corporate Finance for PAETEC Communications, a publicly traded middle market competitive telecom provider that grew to become a Fortune 1000 company.  During this 2006-2012 timeframe, PAETEC grew its EBITDA from $100MM to over $400MM.  In this capacity, Pete raised $2.7 Billion in debt capital in 8 separate transactions—all the while consistently procuring market leading qualitative and quantitative terms that outperformed PAETEC’s single B corporate credit rating.


ECS only represents middle market borrowers (minimum $20MM borrowing need with audited financial statements)


There are no potential conflicts of interest with ECS’ practice.  The financial institutions Pete negotiates with on your behalf will not be paying ECS a fee to do work for them on other transactions.