Pete is an energetic, creative, and talented debt capital professional. Pete sees it from both sides and understands what creative concepts are possible. For our acquisition financing, he was highly efficient in getting the deal closed and funded.

Pete’s efforts allowed us to focus our energy towards high value creation opportunities with our management team while he handled the financing in a turn-key fashion. I appreciate Pete’s insight regarding creative financing in our lower middle market space.
— Sean Honey, Managing Partner & Founder
Main Post Partners  www.mainpostpartners.com
I’m very happy that we hired Pete— he always kept us a few moves ahead of the process. In a short couple of months, Pete structured three different financing solutions to support our needs. Initially, we engaged Pete to structure an acquisition facility to compete with the PE-owned operators in our space. As we began to consider partnering with a PE firm, Pete put together a dividend recap option as a back-up in case we didn’t consummate the transaction. And ultimately, when we partnered with Main Post Partners, Pete led the financing process and delivered a best in class acquisition facility.

I would recommend Pete to any operator looking to improve their financing situation. Pete was able to get us financing terms (pricing and covenant flexibility) as if we were a PE-owned company well before we considered doing a deal with a PE partner.
— John Wynne, CEO & Founder
Fortis Solutions Group  www.fortissolutionsgroup.com
We have always been an operations-focused company, and we needed a runway for our accelerated growth without having to divert our attention from what we do best. Using Pete and his team at ECS allowed us to do just that. Petes background and experience allow for an unmatched process to find a win-win solution for all parties involved. Not only was ECS able to secure funding for our growth at better rates and terms than we’ve had in the past, but they were able to do it in record time. Now it’s time to grow!
— Cory Brightwell, CEO
Chuze Fitness  www.chuzefitness.com
I have personally raised over $3 billion in debt capital and know many tricks of the trade. Pete is a true finance PRO—he is masterful at his craft. Engaging a debt capital expert with a singular focus—getting us a best in class debt facility—was a great move as it enabled me and my team to stay focused on mission-critical operating priorities.

While this is my first deal working with Pete, it is his 3rd overall financing for EagleRider—we keep coming back to him because he delivers and we enjoy working with him. I would recommend Pete to all CFO’s looking to obtain best in class debt facilities while you still want to stay focused on running your business. Pete is a super financing partner.
— Richard Wolff, COO & CFO
EagleRider, Inc.  www.eaglerider.com
I should have hired Pete two years ago! I didn’t know this expert service and outcome was possible. To continue our nationwide expansion, ECS has increased our long-term committed credit facilities and leverage capacity all the while reducing our interest expense from what we were previously paying.
— David Danglard, CEO & Founder
K1 Speed, Inc.  www.k1speed.com
Pete is a creative problem solver that brings decades of deep finance experience to bear for middle market borrowers that might not otherwise even appreciate how much they need him, while also maintaining great relationships with middle market lenders. Pete is incredibly fun to work with. He has a great passion and joy for the work that he does, which comes through from the moment you meet him, and he always maintains a sense of calm and poise, no matter what the situation. He genuinely loves helping middle market borrowers achieve optimal debt solutions, and the early mornings and late nights he spends providing top-tier service to his clients, with good nature and quick wit, are a testament to that.
— Dayan Rosen, Partner
Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth P.C.  www.sycr.com
Our deal was very tricky—not only did Pete provide great insight and education, but the deal points he negotiated helped us avoid some potentially painful pitfalls. For the UK based bank we selected, it was their first time in the game industry using an innovative debt structure with lots of complex areas; ultimately we came out the other end with a nicely crafted deal.
— Matt Scott, CEO & Founder
Little Orbit, LLC  www.littleorbit.com
Several of my colleagues and I have collectively known Pete Connoy for two decades. Initially, we negotiated credit agreements across from Pete when he was at Union Bank and provided financing to our clients. We then served as his counsel when he was an executive at PAETEC Communications doing sizeable bank and bond deals. Currently, we serve as borrowers’ counsel for many of his clients at ECS.

Pete is expert at his craft. He has an extensive network of lending relationships and an in depth understanding of what can be done in the middle market financing arena, and how to get things done. In our experience, Pete has provided significant value and assistance to middle market companies and particularly those that do not regularly access the debt finance markets. We have very much enjoyed working collaboratively with Pete. He is an innovative and creative problem solver.
— Thomas W. Baxter, Partner
O’Melveny & Myers LLP  www.omm.com
Having been both a lender and borrower, Pete has unique insights into the concerns and opportunities of each side. I continue to value his counsel as I contemplate various financing decisions for my company.
— Lenard Liberman, CEO & Founder
Liberman Broadcasting, Inc.  www.lbimedia.com
Pete represented to us that he would be able to completely make over our debt facilities by materially improving our borrowing structure and flexibility while significantly reducing our borrowing costs. He did everything he said he would and much more. Engaging ECS was an excellent choice for our company.
— Jeff Brown, COO & Founder
EagleRider  www.eaglerider.com
Hiring ECS was an excellent decision for us and our private equity partner, Main Post Partners.  The entire process was smooth and easy.  ECS handled everything in a turn-key fashion, which allowed our team to continue running our rapidly growing business.  In just 75 days start to finish, ECS got us a much better deal—more flexibility and less cost. I am recommending ECS to my fellow CFOs as they helped us prepare for our future needs and enabled us to operate like a larger (staffed) Fortune 1000 company.
— Dave Carr, CFO
Chuze Fitness      www.chuzefitness.com
EagleRider had outgrown its debt facilities. Our old debt agreements were directly impacting our ability to grow, our profitability and finance our future. As the CFO of a middle market company, I was also faced with limited resources to run the process of developing the model, making presentations to banks, running point on their due diligence and working with the attorneys to finalize the agreements. Pete’s services were tailor-made for EagleRider. He translated our situation and our needs into a process and found banks that solved our issues. This alone was no short feat. EagleRider is in an industry (motorcycles) that banks tend to shy away from. After Pete’s efforts, we had multiple offers to consider. His experience and direct contacts made the process very efficient. In other words, he knew what needed to be done and had the direct experience on how to get it done - both fast and correctly. After spending time with our team, he helped us with each step of the way - what to say, when to say it and the end result was better than we had planned for. Pete played point on marketing EagleRider to the banks, generating term sheets, analyzing the term sheets, getting the agreements and working with the attorneys to get the agreements to execution. The end result is our new banks now consider EagleRider a case-study and showcase their investment to their stake-holders.
— David Kane, CFO & COO
Lenmar Enterprises, Inc (past CFO of EagleRider)